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A serene and artful colour, pink marble seems to be garnering a lot of attention recently. Although for most people, this colour is considered to be on the feminine side, this colour is swiftly making its way into our homes (and our hearts) with its delicate and pleasant aura.
Conventional thinkers will tend to incline to a belief that having a coloured natural stone may restrict oneself to
explore thoroughly the design intricacies of a space. This certainly does not hold true. The pink marble is capable of creating a soft and gentle colour palette in your spaces that would make room for sophisticated design sensibilities that would only make them look luxurious and a la grande.
When combined with other neutral-coloured elements in your spaces, it will give them a distinct
personality, one that is hard to forget. Get ready to create spaces that exude a sense of serenity and harmony and that transmit a joyful vibe for all its witnesses.

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